Barcelona is yet another club out of the ‘competition’ for Haaland. According to the TV3 broadcaster, the club left the dispute because of the delicate financial situation that is going on and on behalf of Lionel Messi. The Catalan club had a desire to count on the Norwegian striker, but the amount that would have to be spent would be very high and the club prefers to make an extra effort in the renewal by the Argentine star.

Borussia Dortmund alone, it is considered that the club should pay 150 million euros, plus the salary that would have to be paid. In addition, the club’s priority is keeping Messi in the squad, which will cost the club a lot, in addition to the fact that the team has to negotiate some of the medallions of the squad.

ESPN recently reported that a source said Barcelona’s new president, Joan Laporta, already has 100 million euros to pay outstanding debts to employees before 30 June. According to the report, he closed a multimillion dollar loan with a prestigious North American investment fund.