Barcelona is working towards a salary reduction that will affect all club employees, including professional athletes, and which will take effect after the creation of a negotiation table driven by the board to “adjust the working conditions of its corporate and sports team. to the new economic reality brought about by the extraordinary reduction of tickets foreseen for this season, “a club source told ESPN.

The measure will affect the main squad of football, which since March of this year has accepted a reduction of 70% of its salary during the duration of the state of alert by the pandemic of the coronavirus, that adding the other professional areas and departments of the club, meant savings of 49.2 million euros. Spain’s state of emergency ended in mid-June.

Barcelona, according to TV3, sent a written statement to its football players, notifying that a process should be initiated to modify working conditions, arguing that this decision was made by the drop in ticket sales due to the pandemic, which is estimated to be above 155 million euros and causes the creation of this project in accordance with the legislation.