Philippe Coutinho remains an absence for Barcelona in this final stretch of the season. Injured since the end of 2020, the Brazilian underwent a new operation on Monday (5) and is out of the blaugrana season. The injury, however, can save the club a significant financial sum.

When hired, one of the values ​​determined as a bonus in the agreement with Liverpool would be paid when the Brazilian reached the mark of 100 games with the shirt of Barcelona. After 76 games before the loan to Bayern Munich, Coutinho took the field 14 times in the current season, before being injured at the turn of 2020 to 2021, making a total of 90 games.

If it reached the centenary mark, Barça would be forced to pay another 20 million euros to the Reds. At the time, the Catalan club paid 120 million euros, without the variables. The expectation for the next season, however, is that the Brazilian will not go to Camp Nou. With Barcelona wanting to dispose of some players in order to have more cash on hand, shirt 14 would be on a list of negotiable.