“It is not easy to play knowing that your club wants to package you at the first opportunity.” Thus begins the assessment of the newspaper “As” on the performance of midfielder Arthur in the victory of Barcelona against Athletic Bilbao. The Brazilian’s performance was criticized by Spanish newspapers, who cite the possible transfer to Juventus. And the coach of the Catalan team himself admits: the situation affects the player.

“It is certainly affecting him. I try to make the most of it. We will try to shield you from these situations. We cannot control and we will talk to him to focus on what he has to focus on. I know it’s complicated, but it has to overlap ”, commented Setién.

This Tuesday, Sky Sports, from Italy, reported that Juventus agreed with Barcelona the value of 80 million euros to have Arthur, in a transaction that could involve Pjanic’s trip to the Catalan team. The steering wheel staff, however, deny that the player wants to leave Spain.